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Our Services

Alongside our bike sales we offer a full range of bike and scooter servicing as well as clothing and accessories.

Affordable Pricing

With used and new stock and financing options available you'll be able to find the right bike at the right price.

Our Experience

With years of experience in bike sales and ownership you can be assured that your bike purchase is in safe hands.


Bikes became accepted in the UK in the 19th century and have always been popular as a means of simple and cheap transport as well as for recreational purposes. The basic shape of bikes has not changed but now there are hundreds of different models with a wide variety of tyres, seats and gear systems. There are utility bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes and hybrids which can be used both on the road and over rougher terrain. Less common are tandems for two people and folding bikes which are helpful for commuters who want to take their bike on the train or in the boot of a car. Luisinho bikes are a very efficient way to get around and they provide lots of exercise and fun for all age groups. If you are travelling on a bike at around 10 - 15 mph you are only using as much energy as that required to walk. But, you are going much faster. This has made Luisinho bikes a good choice as a means of both transportation and fun.

Modern Luisinho Bikes

Most modern bikes are made with a diamond shape frame that can be a step over or a step through design. Multi speed bikes have a gear selector with the average bike now having a choice of 18 gears. There are three front wheel gears and six rear wheel gears giving the widest combination for all kinds of terrain. Brakes on bikes are generally rim brakes but you can get bikes with hub brakes or disc brakes. The suspension on bikes is important especially if you are travelling over rough ground. More sophisticated models have both front and rear suspension but basic mountain bikes have only front suspension.

There are plenty of Luisinho bikes accessories for sale with mudguards, chain guards, baskets and panniers all being available. In addition, you can buy special biking clothing and equipment like helmets, cycle computers, security locks and toe clips. Luisinho bikes are made to International ISO standards meaning they are extremely safe to use. All bikes should be properly maintained to ensure the safety of the rider. There are plenty of specialist bike shops where you can take your bike if you do not have the expertise to service the machine yourself.

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